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Dan Bear Davis - AS teacher/navigator, dancer choreographer
[Image: 14a58140-3e6a-4ce3-a0bb-5f76c62b9b58.jpg]

I'm excited to dance with you!

I'm excited about the classes and collaborations I've set up while I'm in town. I'm collaborating with some of my favorite humans while I'm there! I hope you can join us. I'm also available for one-on-one movement coaching.

Here's what's coming:
[Image: 55a80c96-3319-4890-9221-d3a64af4558f.jpg][img=555x0][/img]

Co-Kinesis: Dynamic Partnering and the Docking Zones
with Daniel Bear Davis and Sebastian Grubb
November 28 and 30, 10-1
In this workshop we will use the concept of “Docking Zones" to detail partnering options from beginning to advanced. The DZs are areas of the body that can be utilized to offer dynamic and versatile support in weight sharing scenarios to create a new “joint” with another body. We will use them to facilitate lifts and flight with reduced effort. How do we create a response-able system to deal with incoming force and transform it into possibility? How do we maintain integrity in the joints between humans to elongate a kinetic chain and conserve energy?

[Previous experience with the Axis Syllabus or experience with lifts is recommended for participation.]

Daniel and Sebastian are both certified Axis Syllabus Teachers with many years of experience in Contact Improvisation, bodywork, fitness training, and dance performance. This will be a fun, accessible, and at times athletic workshop with plenty of anatomical and physics-based considerations to inform healthy and creative dancing.

Register by Paypal to
Early Bird: $55 for 1 day, $90 for 2 days
After Nov 21: $65 for 1 day, $100 for 2 days

[img=564x0][/img] [Image: b17720bf-169e-4bec-be9c-9e17f869d128.jpg]
Super|Cute|aneous Fascia|nistas 
With Daniel Bear Davis and Nuria Bowart
Friday Dec. 7th, 10-4
(with a lunch break)

The sub-cutaneous fascia is a continuous sheet of connective tissue directly under the skin. What about the super-cutaneous fascia? What about the Super|Cute|aneous FasciaNistas?!

In this exploratory workshop we will use interaction with various qualities and arrangements of fabric to ask how the connective networks outside of our skin change our movement choices and possibilities. Taking exploration of fascia as our starting point, we will explode open the costume box, microscope into the cellular, and expand out into the environment to query how the qualities of what surrounds us change the way we move and live in our bodies. The class will combine solo work, partner work, and group work in a playful research laboratory.

Early Bird: Before November 28th: $75
After November 28th: $90
register through PayPal to

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