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[Image: 6179690d-bb1d-40c4-8867-b3524a95d7d7.jpg]

Happy New Year, dear HUB'ers*
The Regular Classes were great during the fall!!
Many new committed students enriched our nice group of long-term followers, and our new venue is just fantastic!

From next week we will start again, same schedule as usual:
Tuesdays/ Wednesdays/ Thursdays 12.00 - 13.45 at URBANRAUM

We are all very happy and pleased about the welcoming energy of the studio.
Thank you Urbanraum!
As well as we want to thank you all for the dedication, the (ir)-regular participation and curiosity of each of you!

This is an ongoing drop-in training and all levels are welcome, however if you are a beginner in dance and movement we recommend to be able to commit to a longer period. 

Come, join us and invite new curios movement investigators!

Below you'll find detailed information about the morning training and other AS activities in town.

infos & questions:



[Image: b8cd221a-0205-4d7d-8226-7ced8d4c8612.jpg]

Tuesday / Wednesday / Thursday 12.00 - 13.45 
8-9-10    Francesca  Pedullà
15-16-17 Francesca  Pedullà
22-23-24  Filippo Serra
29-30-31  Filippo Serra
5-6-7  [to be announced]
12-13-14   Diana Thielen
19-20-21  Diana Thielen
26-27 28  Antoine Ragot
5-6-7  Antoine Ragot
12-13-14  Frey Faust
19-20-21 Francesca  Pedullà
26-27-28  Antoine Ragot

Please check the HUB Facebook group for weekly updates of class topics or eventual changes. 

WHERE: Urbanraum, Urbanstrasse 93, 2nd floor in the backyard
10 class card: 90 Euro  
Schnupperwoche for first timers: 15 euro for 3 classes in a row!
Drop-in 12 euro

Embodied anatomical explorations with Diana Thielen

[Image: c645b25d-0a62-45e1-bd1e-ccddec70c87b.png]

This 7-week series aims to bridge the current understandings of human biomechanical parameters, as compiled in the Axis Syllabus body of knowledge, with postural yoga practices, movement exploration/improvisation, bodywork, and theory.
Each week will have a specific focus that provides the class with principles for further investigations. This might lead us to question and adapt well know yoga asanas, reconfigure daily performed body postures or explore and practice soothing movement patterns off the yoga mat.
The series emphasizes, with a body-positive perspective, the importance of reconnection to our bodies. Can we reclaim our embodied experiences and finding a place of clarity and calmness?
Embodied anatomical explorations is a course for yoga teachers and practitioners, dance artists, manual therapists or bodyworkers, and for everyone who wants to reflect their movement-or teaching/healing practice.
When: Mondays 9:45 – 11:00
Dates: 14.01./21.01./28.01./4.02./11.02./18.02./25.02
Where: Zen Yoga by Dynamic Mindfulness, Am Tempelhofer Ufer 36, Berlin X-Berg
Language: English/German
Price: 70€ for the whole series, 12€ drop in
Register per email:


[Image: 13c1ab94-89a7-4ba9-850a-37b5f61edf4b.png]

"I appreciate the never-ending investigation teaching is offering me: The research of understanding moving bodies in space, the research of creating a supportive learning atmosphere, the research of getting in contact with other bodyminds including their curiosity... happy to continue into the new season!"

Diana Thielen

on wednesays 18.30-20.00 in Studio 1

WHERE: Tanzfabrik-Kreuzberg, Moeckernstrasse 68

Axis Syllabus in Research and Practices with Kira Kirsch and Antoine Ragot

[Image: 96ab4b5c-8f69-488f-9c04-913e2afea1bd.jpg]
AXIS SYLLABUS in research and practices
A 4 module program by Movement Artisans
cycle 2018/2019

Welcome to the 3rd cycle of axis syllabus in research & practices at the beautiful Lake Studios in Berlin, a residential setting conducive to focused and creative learning processes. The program serves as foundation for new students to the Axis Syllabus or provides a deepening for the more experienced. Each module weaves together a matrix of material that offers insights as well as guidance, and inspires autodidact studies. Body-Mind-Centering (with Nina Wehnert) will be an integral support throughout, offering complementary embodiment practices and restorative time.
In addition we invite somatic experts, speakers and other surprises (outdoor sessions, jams, dissection…) to expand the modes of learning and experiencing. 

Module 2 : November 26 - 30 (5 days)
Shoulder and Arm Navigation
Landing & Launching
Fluids and Cells BMC®

Module 3 : April 1 - 5 (5 days)
Feet & Ankle Complex
Myofascial Communication & Tensegral Bending
Embryology BMC®
Prepared Dissection Session at Charité Medicine University Berlin

Module 4 : May 25 - June 2 (9 days)
Dynamic Alignment Spectrum
Contact Improvisation 
Elastic Loading / Adaptability / Explosivity
Nervous System Balance & Endocrine Support BMC®

Kira Kirsch - axis syllabus
Antoine Ragot - axis syllabus
Nina Wehnert - BMC®
...and more

Anyone looking for bridges between movement practice, theory and critical educational approaches
Movement teachers, dance artists, athletes, therapists or body workers wanting to expand or reconfigure their movement/teaching/healing practice and analytic abilities

visit our website for detailed information, registrations are open:

Our mailing address is:
Axis Syllabus Research Community
Möckernstrasse 79
Berlin 109645

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