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My experience in being part of the ASIRN
I would like to take a moment to respect and cherish all of the many gifts that taking part in the Axis Syllabus International Research Network have brought into my life.

As a professional dancer I am continuously learning, integrating and embodying principles and tools that can support me in preventing possible injuries and misuse/ abuse of my body, dealing with, and healing from past injuries, and serve me to enhance and widen my physical abilities and qualities. In becoming a sophisticated channel for dance, making artistic choices while, respecting myself, enjoying the ride and interacting with the dance of this planet/ universe.

As a teacher candidate, I train skills of pedagogy, movement analysis, kinetic and hands on transmission, verbal and physical articulation, coherency and the art of adaptation to the endless variety of individual bodies, experiences, learning styles, cultural and political contexts and circumstances.

Through the ASIRN public resource forum, teachers-labs, study groups and peers/colleagues exchange, I can share and enrich my fascination about movement and the human body through dialogue and auto / communal studying, and exchange. The people that make up the network have various expertise and pools of knowledge that are contributing to the constant questioning and updating process of the Axis syllabus list - making the information (in my eyes) trustworthy and non stagnated / dogmatic.

My perspective and personal experience of being a teacher candidate and taking part in the candidature process is one of a high level of learning quality, and empowering life process as well as a challenging transformation (as all real transformations are). I’m being treated and referred to respectfully, individually and in accordance to my personal pace, story and learning style. My teachers mentor me with patience, encouragement, investment and a demand from me to be my best self as a mover, teacher, researcher and a social human being.

I am very glad, proud and grateful to be part of an international community/ network and a non trademarked, multicultural, field of investigation. I get to meet people from all over the world and from different fields of dance, movement training, physical education, therapy and research. There are so many differences, and yet, there is a shared language that creates the bridge and is the common thread.
Those common shared tools/ principals / lenses allow me easy access to enjoying various dance styles and physical activities which are not part of my primary education such as Tango, Capoeira, Hip-hop, Folk and Traditional dances, Healing arts, Yoga, Fitness, Martial Arts, and more.

The encounter between all of these various cultures and nationalities is held consciously and carefully. Embracing difference, and benefiting from misunderstandings and tensions. And hey, I have amazing friends all over the globe. Sometimes, when we get to sit together in a circle or swirl and fly around each other in the studio I imagine all of our ancestors witnessing how we dance, play and study together and I feel hopeful, actually hopeful….

Finding a context in which my values, pasiones and potentials can manifest is quite incredible!   
I would like to thank all of the people who generously share this journey and investment with me,  for encouraging me to grow, expand, develop my sense of responsibility and ability to respond, believe in myself, question myself, learn how to feedback and help myself, and mostly for celebrating the wonders of life, together.

if you are inspired, I invite you to share your light too...

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