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Axis Syllabus workshops cycle @Scie Festival
S C I E       F E S T I V A L 

body <> movement  

arts <> sciences
The concept conveyed by the festival' title is that matter undergoes a transformation as part of its effort to remain a part of everything else.
A desire to focus on what remains; the residue, trail, traces or spoors left by any process of transformation. 
Every action or movement leaves trails of matter that eventually turn into another form of matter. A subtle, slow process, difficult or even impossible to perceive for those who rush. Also the idea that the residue we generate, the trails we leave are the inheritance of future generations. They will influence, perhaps even compose the visible and invisible world in which they will live.
Like fireworks fill the sky with smoke, sulfur particles and metals, creating a spectacle inside the spectacle. The performance is over, the stage is empty but someone is still looking at it as if it were still occupied... and it is, it is full of that rarely mentioned contrail that every passage generates.
Acknowledging dance as a tool for inquiry into the human being, it's history, physical attributes, social expressions search for meaning and value, Scie facilitates a meeting space for art, science and culture. Scie aims to integrate theoretical and practical research,  to circulate different kinds of knowledge and practice by focusing on the relevance and commonness of content rather than formal constraints, Scie weaves on its program, dance training events, performances, meetings and round tables.

T O P I C     OF     2 0 2 0     E D I T I O N

Inspired by the research of the collective aRtipoda, we have adopted the concept of Desire Paths, as the fulcrum of the experiential reflection that we propose for the 2020 edition of Scie Festival.

"Studies and research have over time focused their attention on the movement of pedestrians within cities, noting how often they create alternative routes to those suggested by urbanization. A psychological and physical push induces pedestrians to trace alternative routes in the city jungle In literature we find several names for this practice: cow paths, pirate paths, social trails, kemonomichi (beast trails), chemins de l'âne (donkey paths), and Olifantenpad (elephant trails)"
DESIRE PATHS. (Bramley, 2018) . " - from aRtipoda -

A X I S     S Y L L A B U S     W O R K S H O P S

My walkable city W/ Francesca pedullà & Eric Acakpo | 28-31 October
Criss Cross path and tangential option W/ Frey Faust | 28-30 October
Ride the lightning of energy W/ Jerome d'Orso | 30 October - 1 November
Map makers W/ F.Faust & F. Pedullà | 31 October - 1 November
Ancien kinetic wisdom W/F.Pedullà & E. Acakpo | 24-25 October 

Workshop description are available on the web-site:
Workshops will be in person, located in big studios in the city of Bologna. Places are limited.

Early-bird is till September 30! 
here is the registration form' link:



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