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Your Next Series of 7 Online Classes:
September 7th to 28th at 6 pm ECT

Register at:

Sept. 7th   - Principles before Form - critical embodiment
Sept. 10th - Staying Power / letting go while holding on
Sept. 14th - Smooth Operation / graduates gradually graduating
Sept. 17th  - Lifting and Pushing / before, during, after
Sept. 21st  - Round and About / respect for biological fractals
Sept. 24th - Straight To the Point / support for direct trajectories  
Sept. 28th  - Bounce and Jiggle / your best friend on the block

The live classes will be recorded and posted on our forum ( 
You can access the links for free if you join. 
10 eur per year to view, 24 to participate.

If you want to take one or more of the rest of the series you can do that too.

Classes cost between 5 and 15 eur per class. 
Decide what you want to pay and how many classes you would like to take.
Make your transfer and send me a screenshot of the slip. 
I will then send you the Zoom link.

People are doing direct bank transfers or using Transferwise, as I don’t use PayPal or Venmo. 

You will need my address for the Transferwise form:

Frey Faust
Möckern Str. 79 
10965 Berlin, Germany


here are my bank coordinates

Frey Faust
Deutsche Bank
account - 0808774
IBAN DE65 6647 0024 0080 8774 00

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