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Lab classes GAMBOA
Here it is the feedback session of the lab classes in Gamboa/Brazil Feb-2020

Feedback session on Lab Classes In the meeting "Antenando ecologías corporais" 26/27/29-02 1-03 Gamboa, Brazil
Camila Seeger, Madeleine Shen Lopez, Ayelet Yekutiel, Poly caren Rodriguez, Wiliam Freiras, Candela Ramos.

The Proposal from the organisers was to offer a free space for candidates to share their own process on applying the AS in their own field, a space to expose their research and to use the space as candidates needed.
The classes were 

Pointed out the first question, What would the candidates like to receive feedback on and for what? what is valid?

His class on Hip- hop

He asks: - How did we feel on the class room? It is interesting every perspective.

He have used the space as an experimentation so in the class, he was insisting more on experiencing the movement rather than insisting on the fundaments.
He also chose anyways a way in which it will fit into an AS class, thou he clarifies that sometimes the trining of this vocabulary of movements differs or walks away form the principals.

He felt super welcome from the organisation of the event.

He felt he could have gave a bit more of info about principals but he actually have focussed more into how to keep and transmite the hip hop culture.
He had played with the principals but there was no time for development. 
He would continue with motor masses / articular alignment / Strategies to study an exploration of more consciousness and contention of not healthy places to not suffer / Different tones and Different textures.

Your body movement were very clear in order to discover the principals and this was an important graphic to help for the understanding. You could go to a place with a lot of precision and analice from there.

I finished the class willing to find principals on this language. The importance of the didactic.

I would love to know ways for preparing the body for Hip-hop, things to do before and after class as it is a class with physical demand. Specially for beginners.

You have a huge body ability and your coordinations are not the common ones in general. I have felt that my body and the rest of the bodies also were starting to move differently. It is great to explore within new movements, the challenge might be how much do I make the students noticing that they are moving in a new way or to make them realise the principals that are appearing because as they will then put attention on that they might enter in conflict or not.
How much of conscious awareness you decide to give?.

The body knows

Skilled, loved, achived.

One of your skills is the self confidence, and the celebration of what WIL IS was done in the class empowering and inviting the students to do the same.

What do you do to have tools for when you invite students to cross their limits.

(on the class will have putted external references of vectors in the space which then he transferred them into internal references for the movement) 
When you talked about external references of the planes how do you negotiate with the internal vectors of on part of the body…?I was busy trying to understand those external references with the inner ones that i needed.

I enjoyed a lot to dance with the rhythm, it is an aspect that unify us.

I opened many possibilities of vectors in your class. 

The references on the floor helped him to continue remembering the task.

A important aspect I observe is the articular alignment in the hip hop.

She learned about elasticity.

I came to the event in order to reencounter the AS and explore how do I feel with the group. It gave me inspiration to continue. I had a letter from Frey but he felt some resistance. For me the certification process is important but more important is the little interactions with each micro cell of this organism.

Poly's class was about heart and lungs form BMC perspective and it’s transition to AS

Poly Autofeedback:

I interpreted the proposal as a laboratory to research how other things could make a plus for the AS.

I chose the heart and lungs in order to relate them with the - cintura escapular - and the spine.

I gave time to establish an internal connection with the topic but I run out of time for it’s application.

(The stereo for the music didn’t work and maybe the music would have helped the work better)

It was revealing and very clear the study on the organs plus the examples that you were using.

Info enough for an hour of class and complete process.

Always is good to prioritise the group instead of your agenda. Sometimes less is more.

You gave an experience that letted the people - Ah!!( first with the experience of the apples ) and the the proposal was to continuing discovering. This was successfully achieved with the group that we had. In case they are not engaged enough to keep going on their on research, is good to know when to add more info.
(Ayelet ads : sometimes to keep on your agenda is useful).

You gave the class from the place of the topic that you gave, from the heart. A lot was transmitted from there successfully. (this is something in BMC they do a lot). Even the way you answered to questions or requirements of needing more time was made relaxed accepting there was no enough time for that and being relaxed with it.

Subjectively for me, there were too many things: talking about heart and then doing exercise about the lungs.

The way you brought us into AS without naming it was great.
A good example to refer to the topic could be: your heart is looking at your support to explain osculation.

The people understood that because the diaphragm’s insertion is on the last reaps the lungs arrives also till there. ( I observed that many people were locating the lungs father down by the touching  exercise) and indeed they are located much higher because the cupola of the diaphragm also is higher.

As a proposal: What kind of touch am I proposing?. Because the tissue of the lungs is very different than the heart one. Maybe also to clarify that as in BMC they reenforce the touch it is good to explain what kind of touch is and what kind of is not.

It is my obsession but if I am explaining the heart spirals I like to clarify that it is just the ventricles.

Candela’s class


My homework was to give a class on what I felt was needed regarding the whole event. The class of Camila in the morning was touching this aspects too but this topic was exposed more in general and I decided to go more in detail. 

2 focuses 
-motion centres
-Muscular tone

Different ways of exploration . Improvising . pattern . group exploration.

Pattern, maybe a bit difficult - challenged. I liked to surrender to the group confusion. I felt a dense atmosphere during this part of the class that on the next exercise gave a bigger “A-ha!”

Time at the limit: Maybe I could have taken material from the students improv and bring easier patterns for a short frase and to give up to my phrase. it would have being more useful.
Also this factor made me answer to appreciations of some students a bit in a rush. I felt I didn’t acknowledge enough their appreciation and i was a bit abrupt into continuing with next things.

Title: Channeling kinetic energy

How to continue?
  • elastic recoil to compliment explanation. (because we were already using it)
  • bringing those aspects into Tango by channelling kinetic energy to the lower limbs
I enjoyed to start talking from the AS vocabulary and then transitioning towards Tango and finishing with that group Tango which already showed the Tango principals and how they connect with the principals managed by AS.

I enjoyed a lot the class, wouldn’t be surprised if it ended with Tango. In fact it is an excellent way to explore the principal you chose.
The exercise to practice or recognise the explanation of tone, you simplified a lot, and it can be that you simplify in a more “coloquial “manner of talking but it could be not so precise because of the simplification. In a deeper context it might be better to not simplify so much.
To see the teacher moving with so much easiness, looks like the teacher is using less tone, but then the students imitate lowering the tone and it is not exactly that what gives that quality.

I have taken Tango classes before and the exercise with holding arms (whole group) showed me a concept about arms in connection to legs that didn’t come through other classes.

Deconstructing what tools are valid to study the AS.
At a certain point I felt your rush mixed with concern that people were not getting at and it manifested as movement coming from external shape and less from internal principales. The challenge of when/how/how much to simplify so that people can at least have tools and practice material to start descaling into the concepts. 

Coherent choice of principals.
Clever for the context of people - this particular group with less experience of AS
Revelatory to feel connection of the scapular complex - Tensegrity - 
Very poetic but also technically very clear.
Felt that relating different tones with different range of possibilities was useful
Maybe grades of tone was not as useful for this group.
Interesting points you in the pulsation of what they are feeling.

Asked cande about goal before class - she met them.
Align with the event
Feedback she received before about focusing on principals. Give a class were Tango serves to explain the AS vs de AS serves Tango.
Challenge to put goals for oneself and meet them
Being autodidact is a challenge - showed ability to be autodidact
good job choosing which concepts you give.
Name - explain, good job at choosing what words to put in space and explain clarifying and sometimes not naming things you will have to explain deeper if you do because it can bring up mis-info in people, on the last case you chose to show to explain.
Center topic:
Ref tonus - time/dir of transfer of KE through Kinetic chain with motion centers as a supportive topic which was used as a warm up.
Question: MC T2-T5 does not include lat flex - how many degrees of possible lat flex?
Can be a choice to stay general in definitions
choice of uncomfortablility
Complex phrase.
Complex coordination and timing for it to land.
Challenge to accept the time people need to incorporate concepts Ex: dropping arm
(release student's achievement)
Loved to see you trying your artistic self in a contextual way
Which other words to enhance tone…? ex: binding of soft tissues us tone. or specifying tone vs co-contraction (can have more tone and move a lot a joint)
Appreciates the community to come to teach dance with choreos as it lends other qualities and experience coping someone - delicious.
Recognised in your singularity. The research has a sense of individuality when you watch someone. Appreciation of their research. This singularity of knowing yourself is what you give to the exploration.

Here is the link to the video of most of the parts of Candela's class. Please keep it between the ASIRN and don't share outside.

What is tone?…. we wanted to know the definition of Kevin O’connor.

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