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Online AS Class Series w Frey
Introduction to the Movement Research Intensive Series

First installment: March 18th 
Small Space / work-out, stretch and conditioning 

From head to toe, a Macro-Micro Scan through the sophisticated yet basic arcing, cambered trajectories of the postural joint complexes: “Motion Centers”
Enhancement of
-directional accuracy
-kinesthetic feedback
-sense of available energy
-awareness of useless or useful inhibitions
-awareness of blind spots or weakness

Leverage -Energy conservation/waste
sub region, regional, and macro aggregates
… in english: working with or against the energy you create moving small larger, or collected parts of your body, such as - just a hand, or the whole arm… etc.

Enhancing Efficiency / Context Awareness
 -Turn physics to your favor
 -Reduce or increase effort
 -Increase awareness and number of details
 -Play… of course

prequel - as promised :
Banishing Monsters - vanquish the fear of falling at home… make monsters your challenging guardians. 
Peruse the composition and discover the use of soft or hard, weak and strong areas of your body for support and padding on the way down. Leaf through and study mitigation for the critical moments in a fall: inertia moment, acceleration, reaction, impact.

Results (hopefully)
 - overcome dangerous inhibitions due to fear 
 - early recognition of loss of balance control 
 - Triage habitual and practice optional strategies
 - More confidence. Less injury. Longer life… more fun of course.

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