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ASIRN CENTER APUGLIA - first step!!!

Hi Everyone,

Francesca and I were fortunate enough to have acquired a beautiful piece of land in the area near Ostuni, Apuglia in southern Italy. The fertile plot comes with plenty of fruit and olive trees, a ready-built cistern, easy access to electricity, and the limited permission to build.

We have consulted local venue alternatives, and the most practical option is to create a 20 x 10 meter, smooth cement floor, as a basis for a dance training/performance space. It needs no permits, so it could be done right away. It would be near permanent, requiring little or no further miantenance. In the hot months it would even be alright as a working surface.

The land would have to be a bit leveled, a deep hole would have to be dug, filled with larger and then smaller stones, before the cement would be poured.
Once we have this floor, we can start hosting events, as camping is no problem and there are little houses apto rent close by, and small hotels in the neighborhood as well.

The first estimated cost for this fundamental first step was 30,000 euros. 

If you would like to contribute, or you know someone who might, please get in touch with either me or Francesca. You can write to us through this forum.

Thank you!!
Yes I would like to help.

I have had a similar dream for a very long time, to co-create a small scale ecologically sustainable, inter-generational co-housing project with an artist residency/guest apartment, studio and garden among the shared resources. Right now I lack partners for that. So it will be interesting for me to see how your project goes and I would like to support you by volunteering.

I am not sure what I can contribute, you can tell me when you are ready. I have some experience that might be useful, aside from being a fellow dance artist and teacher.

I managed and lived in a 144 m2 ad hoc artist residency apartment in the center of Rijeka, Croatia for 8 years. It was newly renovated and totally empty when I moved in, except for bathroom fixtures. It was offered by the City of Rijeka to a performing arts NGO, Prostor Plus, who had invited me to come for a year as a guest artist and strategist. I was to help set up a new studio and educational program. I furnished the apartment mainly with donations and street finds, some new purchases (stove refrigerator washing machine lots of shelves) and all my personal belongings which were shipped from the States.

As the first artist in residence in the flat, I ended up hosting others who came to Rijeka to work on projects as short term guests of our NGO, and the 5 other NGOs working in culture and activism in our new network. It had just formed and moved in to a work space with offices, our studio, and a large common space down the street form the flat. We were figuring out how the network would function and how the common space would be used in weekly meetings.

Over time there were also cultural workers, students or professionals in the apartment who were largely volunteering in these NGOs and for whom some sudden housing crisis had arisen. If someone was there for a month or more, we co-hosted the guests, shared expenses and cleaning duties. This created the experience of building a real home together, which was increasingly opened to local and international friends. These roommates became friends for life, and the flat became a profound incubator for creative projects for those of us who lived there. I also held therapeutic and pre-natal yoga classes and gave thai massage treatments in one of the big flexibly rooms, mostly for colleagues and friends. That room was a combination studio and group sleeping space.

After that chapter closed, I moved to a rural area outside Rijeka, started gardening and spent a lot of time hiking and backpacking with a designer architect mountaineer friend, Ivan Juretić. He renovated a nearby historic mountain house in the Grobnik Alps and a smaller shelter in the Velebit Mountains. He designed and built the lighting fixtures and furniture in his amazing workshop. He has designed and built two beautiful small shelters for the national park service in Velebit but with a lot of volunteer labor from the mountaineering clubs who take responsibility for maintaining them, These volunteers were engaged in preparation of the building materials as well as assembly on the site. The parts were helicoptered in and assembled in 10-14 days, with several follow up weekends to finish. The shelters are always open and free to the public. These new ones are solar powered, have cisterns, mobile phone charging ports, small sinks with running water, variable lighting and wood stoves. All the parts and processes run through Ivan's local workshop, and I have watched these processes from beginning to end up close. I help out in small ways pretty regularly because we are friends and it is always fascinating to see not only the projects but also the ongoing steady improvement and transformation of the workshop itself.

Well these experiences may not add up to skills exactly, but I think I can surely help somehow on a building site. I am not a hardcore tool user but once I learn the names I can find and fetch, or cook, or manage some small project, etc. In any case I have a big car for transporting stuff, and have never been to that part of Italy and it would be fun to see it.


I would love to help with the building itself. Have some experience with working on building and isolating studios (just executing, no planing skills).
Do let me know when time comes to do actual building, I would be happy to contribute in this way.
i can't tell you how many times i have been asking my colleagues why there aren't more co housing options available, for anyone, but in my case, for movement artists.
I would love to help and sponsor.
My talents/skills would be in the area of relationship skills, i'm a licensed psychotherapist. And online skills, i run a successful e commerce business that i can run from just about anywhere and this would possibly be an avenue to use to promote the space and generate revenue.
If you decide to put up some kind of kickstart option, which i highly recommend, i could definitely make that happen in the most optimal fashion, it's a big game that has specific strategies that make a world of difference in the outcome.
So happy to know about this, and let me know if there's anything i can do to support you.
Kind Regards
Thank you for your offers John, Kate and Ayelet, you are already looking like a dream team!
I think we should plan a Skype meeting to talk strategy and time-line... what do you say?

Oh how inspiring that’s fnataitcm
I’d love to volunteer when construction starts -either as a painter, cook or osteopath for all the hard workers. Cant commit huge time but happy to jump in if short term help is useful
Keep us posted
Hello everyone. I am very interested in this project.  Sorry to be so late to the table. My life is very strongly rooted here in CA for the next few years because of my children, but I can imagine helping to make this dream happen and be involved in the ways that I can, with the time that comes.  I have been involved in many building projects over the years, and would love to help facilitate this one. What kind of construction materials are readily available near you? Dirt bag building allows for some beautiful archways. With some of the more traditional building techniques, people power seems to be the key. I would be happy to come for a period of moving and building, perhaps a Land dance event? I love planting trees too.  I am so excited for this. Love.Nuria
There are a lot of rocks in the ground... dirt... certainly...

I think the first layer priority would be setting up impermanent structures for easy dismantling:
dance floor

Our idea is to start proposing summer events there soon... in two years... something like that.

I would love to contribute to this project. Cooking, childcare , managing, community building, translating, and letting others know is what I'm good at.
I also have a strong axial body (lol) that can help build and have experience with the super Adobe project from Ana and Fabios Eco village in Brazil.
Much love- always,

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