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Current Axis Syllabus Activity-Hubs
Amsterdam, Holland
Berlin, Germany
Brussels, Belgium
Besançon, France
Cotonou Benin, Africa
Italian AS community
Istanbul, Turkey
Paris, France
Moscow, Russia
Mendocino Coast, CA
Oakland, California
Santa Cruz, California
Portland Oregon
Porto Alegre, Brazil
St. Petersburg, Russia
Tel Aviv, Israel
Toronto, Canada
Montreal, Canada
Graz, Austria
Vienna, Austria
Helsinki, Finnland
Axis Syllabus Greece
London, England
AS Barcelona
AS Poland
AS Boston
AS Rome
Gali and I are organizing a regular study group in Tel-Aviv.
Many interested and interesting people are attending- exciting!

We also enjoy the challenge of finding Hebrew translations for the terms and explanations in the Axis Syllabus.

If you speak Hebrew, check out the Hebrew section on the "Different Languages" section here on this forum.

You can also find us on face book:

* For all of the activities of the Israeli Hub - Regular Classes, Workshops, Study Group and more. Please see out newsletter in the following link:
(English and Hebrew)
(11-06-2017, 04:23 PM)Greetings from the Mendocino Coast in northern CA, USA... Wrote: Kyra Rice, facilitating a work group in the beautiful village of Mendocino, CA :)

fb group page
 [Image: MendocinoTown.jpg?resize=858%2C460&ssl=1] [Image: 408208.png]

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