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Kathleen Rhea - Tensegrity Model?? - administrator - 11-30-2018

I just created this tensegrity model and made this video as part of a promotional video for ongoing classes in Toronto.

I enjoyed building it does anyone know of a tutorial for a more advanced one?


RE: Kathleen Rhea - Tensegrity Model?? - Jonathon Neville - 02-23-2019

I'm not sure if this qualifies for a more advanced version, but:
Kevin O'Connor in Toronto lead us to make our own models.  One day we used straws (cut short, with v's cut into the ends) and elastics.  That day, the model's design was essentially set by him, with us just constructing it for ourselves.  Another day, working in groups, we used our group's bodies to construct tensegrity models.  The design for these was completely up to us.  Kevin talked about a few other models and metaphors that have guided (both helped and limited) research, and how models and metaphors that help us see some truths may hide other truths.  Thus, he recommended we bring multiple lenses/models/metaphors to our explorations.