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Posted by: administrator - 09-07-2020, 05:40 PM - Forum: AXIS SYLLABUS EVENTS - No Replies

Your Next Series of 7 Online Classes:
September 7th to 28th at 6 pm ECT

Register at: portal1960@gmail.com

Sept. 7th   - Principles before Form - critical embodiment
Sept. 10th - Staying Power / letting go while holding on
Sept. 14th - Smooth Operation / graduates gradually graduating
Sept. 17th  - Lifting and Pushing / before, during, after
Sept. 21st  - Round and About / respect for biological fractals
Sept. 24th - Straight To the Point / support for direct trajectories  
Sept. 28th  - Bounce and Jiggle / your best friend on the block

The live classes will be recorded and posted on our forum (axisforums.org). 
You can access the links for free if you join. 
10 eur per year to view, 24 to participate.

If you want to take one or more of the rest of the series you can do that too.

Classes cost between 5 and 15 eur per class. 
Decide what you want to pay and how many classes you would like to take.
Make your transfer and send me a screenshot of the slip. 
I will then send you the Zoom link.

People are doing direct bank transfers or using Transferwise, as I don’t use PayPal or Venmo. 

You will need my address for the Transferwise form:

Frey Faust
Möckern Str. 79 
10965 Berlin, Germany


here are my bank coordinates

Frey Faust
Deutsche Bank
account - 0808774
IBAN DE65 6647 0024 0080 8774 00

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  HCQ/zinc protocol
Posted by: administrator - 08-21-2020, 09:19 AM - Forum: Infectious Diseases - No Replies









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  CV 19 - Personal Log from your Administrator
Posted by: administrator - 08-21-2020, 06:43 AM - Forum: Infectious Diseases - Replies (2)

Covid 19 - Corona Virus Disease from 2019
cv's from 2019 mutate too quickly for our own antibodies, meaning a vaccine, which is supposed to provoke the production of antibodies to a specific strain, would be useless. This is already the case for other cv's such as the flu. Cv's are well known for their quick mutation cycle. That is why HEALTH should be our focus, not band-aide solutions or symptomatic treatment such as pills, potions, masks and politics. Stop over eating and overusing drugs. Move enough and move with grace. Find good people to be with and work on solid, caring relationships. Vaccine companies have a profound conflict of interest, as they take their money from conscripted sponsors. They remain unaccountable. Mr. Kennedy Jr. just won an important case against the vaccine giants, proving that they do not have the results of safety tests, because they have never been done.

However, we are facing invasive decrees that supercede onthebook laws and hard won civil rights that took rivers of blood sweat and tears to establish. A mob of obedient, ignorant, intolerant, terrorized busybodies snitching on each other and shutting each other out from work, schools and business places. That is fascism. So if you lend your weight to this, you are not just doing you, you are adding your voice to the people that will not allow me to make my own choices. And that deserves a comment at least.... something like... well, well, well, back into the slavery box humanity. I suppose the Geneva convention was too good to be true.

This epidemic compares within reason to others. It is therefore the measures taken that are without precedent.... putting healthy people under house arrest the world over is a first. Is there any science to back up the notion that SD lowered case loads? I have only seen modeling, which projected the death toll in millions. Models are not science, even when done by scientists. Data gathering, testing and interpretation is science. So... first the UK allowed everyone to mingle (NYC mayor INSISTED everyone mingle). Then, when the virus was neatly spread around and cases started to appear, they went into lock down? Where is the logic there? How could that strategy have any effect on case load or outcomes after the fact? Then there is the valid concern over revoked civil rights. Slovenia and Hungary's suspension of the justice and voting system. Rumors of world-wide mandatory mass medication and gov issued cards to travel and work in many sectors. Police ripping the signs out of the hands of peacefully protesting citizens and herding them off in Germany. Police mobbing peaceful protesters in riot gear in Italy. Police keeping people out of the parks and forests in the villages in Spain, where SD isn't even necessary because population density is so low. How is any of that ok? Why is it that so many people are willing to be herded along into authoritarianism... indeed seem to be cheering it on? What about the illness, death and tremendous misery that plunging the world into a depression will cause? Have you factored the misery of years of grinding poverty into your Social Distancing  assessment? Life is a risk which it is our good right to confront, as well as our personal duty to prepare for the dangers and defend ourselves from them as best we can. Of course we affect each other and can help those we are bound to, but it is an abrogation of the rule of law to assume guilt before it can be proven.

Different populations have different outcomes. The numbers returning from mass antibody testing imply that this contagion is certainly worse than the flu, but not nearly as bad as some previous epidemics. The science on viral spread demonstrates that they can spread up to 27 meters from the infected person and hang in the air for hours, Social Distancing measures were therefore meaningless, particularly when no one can say how long CV19 or the other family members were in circulation before the measures were taken. At this point practically everyone has had contact. Most are immune or asymptomatic, as is usually the case with corona viruses. The lethality is low. Herd immunity works to outpace the viral mutation cycle. Putting people on house arrest makes things worse actually, because, by slowing the exchange of genetic information about the virus among us, it allowed it/them the the time to mutate faster than the development of herd immunity. This is why people who have recovered from serious cases are vulnerable to reinfection. Also, pinning people indoors concentrates the viral load on the vulnerable. Health workers, along with anyone at clinics or hospitals, are not only exposed to a high viral load, but also whole range of mutations. Indoors has been demonstrated to be the worst place to be for infections diseases. Vitamin D, UV light, forest bathing, moving through the world with purpose. Isolated, immobile, panicking, riveted to screens, terrified of other people, that does wonders for our immune systems I am sure.

Science has demonstrated that corona viruses (viruses in general) concentrate indoors, can hang in the air for hours, remain operative on other surfaces for days and spread up to 27 meters from an infected person. Social Distancing 1.5m? SD 3m? Frankly ridiculous. China was already in crisis in November 2019 (Covid19... not 2020 folks). Millions of flights back and forth across the world later, after the virus was neatly spread everywhere (in particular major urban centers), useless mass quarantines went into effect. The confinement policies have therefore done nothing to stop people from coming into contact, quite the opposite, as we were all channeled into selected shopping centers and millions were/are literally kept indoors away from the best disinfectant ever, the sun. Confinement policies have also prevented herd immunity and granted the virus time to mutate, which is why the recovered are susceptible to reinfection. As top immunologists have pointed out, when people mingle, HD outpaces the mutation cycle, retracting territory from the virus and starving it of hosts. Also, virologists have been warning us for decades, that by using harsh chemicals to disinfect, we stimulate the mutation of surviving germs into extremely resistant strains, as well as removing the natural barriers to infection that friendly viruses and bacteria provide. Obviously, basic and general hygiene is useful and important to reduce the viral/bacterial load so that our immune systems are not overwhelmed. Obviously, we should ask ourselves why we are squandering our resources by bankrupting our nations instead of investing in proper preparations for inevitable epidemics. Obviously, everyone needs to ask themselves if they are doing enough to prevent themselves from becoming a weight on others while they are still healthy. Obviously, we want to provide for those who are vulnerable through no fault of their own. Humans are incredibly empathetic creatures. I mean my god! We shuttered THE WHOLE WORLD to save not only our own beloved elderly and ill, but also those of others as well! I love you all! But its misplaced compassion people, irrational. It will do more harm than good. An important note: the immune system only becomes a system through its archive of stored genetic information on infections. It therefore needs to be tested. That is why we say that babies do not have a fully formed immune system. They go about creating one as soon as they are mobile - sticking everything they can get their hands on in their mouths, as you might have noticed.  C'mon people. We need to be near each other. We need to move and we need to integrate with the environment to get over this, not isolate and immobilize. 








german resistance to the destruction of civil rights

manipulating CV19 death certificates

effectiveness of masks



There are several proper trials that demonstrate that mask wearers are more likely to get influenza (corona viruses). If you already have a respiratory condition, masks are not medically recommended, because they concentrate viruses inside them, providing a beach head from which to reinfect you. That is why there are laws providing for refusal to wear them to the so afflicted. Only n95 masks filter air to the wearer properly, but N95 masks are not recommended for pregnant women because they inhibit gaseous exchange (the regulation and balance of various atmospheric gasses). Also, n95 masks allow unfiltered air out, so they do not protect those around the wearer. Cloth and surgical masks allow between 40 and 90 percent of aerosols through when someone coughs, hardly adequate "protection". If a person IS ill, masks become vectors for infection after an hour. Indoor concentrations of viruses cause infection. Outdoor concentrations are unlikely. Although the spread of aerosolized viruses is not prevented by masks, they probably do slow the spread, but this is ultimately not a good thing, as CVs mutate quickly. The faster the spread, the quicker community immunity is arrived at, stamping out contagion by retracting territory to the virus. Community Immunity is not arrived at within the mutation cycle of the virus, allowing it to continue to outstrip individual immune system coding. The primary component of health is fellowship. Social Distancing is therefore anti-health. Best approach to staying healthy is to address your immune system status and lifestyle choices: move well and move regularly, eat fresh and nutritious, build and maintain lasting friendships.

600 doctors letter to Trump

Dr Shiva explains immune system function and what we can do to support it

75k predicted suicides as a result of lockdown

6 million cases and 1.4 million likely to die from TB as a result of the lockdown

Inducing panic is an illegal use of free speech. The data shows that CV19 is not the worst health crisis we have faced, in fact they were wrong by several orders of magnitude. The data shows that this virus has many similarities to other corona viruses. The data shows that misreporting fraud attempted to make the situation seem worse, justifying the rescinding of civil liberties, and the ruination of the poor and middle class. There is ample data showing that the mass house arrests assured more infections, while causing starvation, depression, suicide, addiction, poverty and many thousands of deaths from untreated diseases. This makes the recent and current fear mongering over CV19 of the relevant institutions CRIMINAL.

The facts are: 1. The tests are inaccurate. 2. Lethal preconditions are not cited as cause of death in patients with CV19, therefore the death toll is inaccurate. 3. It takes a virus about 3 weeks to tour the world. Social distancing and lockdown measures came months too late to be effective. 4. Quarantines are for the sick. Holding the population hostage is mass incarceration. It has never been done before, therefore it is presumptive, not scientific. 5. Indoor viral concentration is the pretext for infection. Therefore, shutting the population inside their homes likely contributed to case load. 6. Stress and fear cause disease and death. Press and leadership are complicit in creating panic inducing narratives that contributed to the death toll. 7. Vaccines for Corona viruses have never been finalized in 20 years of research, because there are hundreds of strains and they are mutating all the time. Look to alternative treatments and life style changes. 8. Poverty kills. Isolation kills. The death toll from suffocating the social ecology will likely kill more people than the virus.

CDC data sheet shows that case load went up regardless of social distancing, and continued in waves. Top epidemiologists have repeatedly said that locking everyone in their houses only drew out the infection cycle, ultimately making everything else worse: suicides, domestic violence and drug addictions, cancer, heart disease, lost eyes and legs because of cancelled surgeries, and starting a world wide famine.


The nudists would agree with you. In fact there have been and still are persisting movements to decriminalize nudity. But, besides the constitutional issue, wearing these masks have serious health implications for many of those that would be forced to wear them. 1. Fresh Air - exhaled air is unhealthy for blood chemistry. The mask can cause hypoxia, which can be deadly (see the recent incidents of young masked athletes who died while exercising). 2. Top experts in virology, as well as basic science on infections in general, have established that the principle factor in engendering infection is is the concentration of germs. The mask pools opportunistic germs that are already in your body, creating a beach head for them to directly attack your lungs. 3. If you are coughing or sneezing, home made or regular surgical masks do not protect anyone. Airborne viruses are carried off in very fine aerosolized droplets and escape through the sides of the mask, but also through the cloth, depending. Only N95 masks filter the breath stream. If you are not coughing or sneezing you would have to spit on someone or shout at them face to face to get enough germs in or on them to infect. Remember, its the load that counts.

Wir bedauern selbstverständlich jeder der uns durch den tod verlassen mussen, aber das ist kein grund abermillionen zum verhungerungsqual, andersweise verkurzte leben durch die auswirkungen vom armhut zu verurteilen. Die schätzungen dueten auf etwa eine milliarden die in tiefsten armhut durch der lockdown massnahmen gesteuert sind weltweit. Ich kenne persönlich leute in Indien und Afrika die mir sagen das die Lage ist ernst. Da werden kinder an hungersnot sterben, wenn wir von verkurtzte leben sprechen wollen, weil wir 1. Weltner meinen das unser medizinischer system nich uberweltigt sein muss. In 3. welt sterben eine halbe million jährlich an TB und wir machen nicht dewegen das ganze gesellschaft dicht. Ich finde diese einstellung selbstsuchtig und rassistisch. Wir sind eine welt.

TRANSLATION: Of course, we regret everyone who has to leave us through death, but that is not a reason to starve to death for millions and to condemn otherwise shortened lives due to the effects of poverty. The estimates are around one billion, which are controlled in the deepest poverty by the lockdown measures worldwide. I personally know people in India and Africa who tell me that the situation is serious. Children will die of starvation if we want to speak of shortened lives, because we 1. Weltner believe that our medical system does not have to be overwhelmed. In the 3rd world, half a million people die of TB every year and we don't shut down society because of it. I find this attitude selfish and racist. We are one world.

The WHO knew about the outbreak as early as December, but delayed 5 to 6 weeks before announcing human to human spread of CV19. Conceding to the Chinese government’s threat not to cooperate in the WHO’s investigation into the Wuhan crisis, they voted to delay the declaration on January 22nd, only making the official statement that the CV outbreak was a global health emergency on the 30th.


Prof. Dolores Cahill stated recently that, especially with today’s rapid travel, C viruses can make the tour of the globe in 3 weeks.
This means most everyone had ample time to come into contact with C virus/es. Ergo, mass quarantines were useless, and the infection and death rates unaffected by either the mass internments or the shuttering of society.

Dr Tenpenny
6 families of corona, 33 identified strains
mutation is constant, each country has several different strains. 
covid19 is the specific illness
illness is not automatic upon contact with the virus 


Dr Streek, confirms what virologists have known for decades, that indoor viral concentrations are causing infections. Shelter in place is infecting people, and lowering their immune systems because of lack of fresh air, sunlight and movement. Locking healthy people up is not only unconstitutional and will be the cause of deaths from other related causes, it is ineffective at preventing infection... indeed, it is raising the likelihood.  Dr. Streek's data gathering effort also shows that most people experience no symptoms, and therefore it is very probable that at least 15 to 17 percent of the population have already been infected ( affirming Dr. Wodarg's observations), and that the lethality is very low.

Prof. Dolores Cahill

as interviewed doctor Dr. Rishi Desai says, VIRAL LOAD is the infection catalyst. 
Someone who is sick and wearing a mask, is therefore re-infecting themselves and/or making it more difficult to fight off the disease by concentrating a viral load inside the mask, which they re-breathe instead of ejecting; the function of the cough or sneeze. The same goes for the hospital workers by the way. Whatever other of the 33 rampant strains of corona viruses are already in their systems, or whatever other diseases roaming the hospital, surgical  masks provide these opportunists with a concentration point from which to launch an attack on those healthy people.

Dr. Erickson & Dr. Wittkoswki

"Now I hope we don't have so many people infected that we actually have that herd immunity ..." Dr. Fauci

Dr Armstrong uses HCQ / Zinc / azithromycin

11 studies relative to chloroquine

revolt in germany

police overreach in Australia

Bill Gates


Folgender Brief kam heute als E-Mail über den Verteiler der Ärzte für eine individuelle Impfentscheidung.

Der Brief wurde verfasst von Prof. Christof Kuhbandner, Inhaber des Lehrstuhls für Pädagogische Psychologie VI. der Uni Regensburg

Liebe Alle,

Sie haben es sicher mitbekommen: Das RKI ist aktuell mit der Message in den Medien unterwegs, dass aktuell die Reproduktionszahl R wieder steigen würde, was laut RKI an den bundesweiten Lockerungsmaßnahmen liegen würde (z.B.: https://www.spiegel.de/wissenschaft/medizin/corona-ansteckungsrate-robert-koch-institut-schaetzt-reproduktionszahl-r-auf-1-1-a-3f4ea31d-8731-4247-9612-54be077fc78d).
Das ist – man muss es in meinen Augen so sagen – eine unfassbare Irreführung des Bürgers.

Am 6. Mai wurden vom RKI ja die Richtlinien geändert, wer getestet werden soll. Von da an werden alle Personen mit respiratorischen Symptomen jeder Schwere getestet
 (https://www.rki.de/DE/Content/InfAZ/N/Neuartiges_Coronavirus/Massnahmen_Verdachtsfall_Infografik_Tab.html),unabhängig davon, ob es irgendwelche zusätzlichen Risikofaktoren gibt (letzteres ist die Änderung, vorher musste eine Person zusätzlich zu Symptomen Risikofaktoren aufweisen). Zudem wird inzwischen zunehmend in der Breite völlig unabhängig von Symptomen getestet, wie die Medienberichte zu Testungen im Bereich des Fußballs (https://www.sportschau.de/fussball/bunde...l-100.html) und im Bereich der Schlachthöfe zeigen – hier lässt beispielsweise Schleswig-Holstein die Belegschaften aller großen Betriebe im Land testen (https://www.agrarheute.com/tier/corona-a...sts-568339).

Durch die damit verbundene deutliche Ausweitung der Tests – in den Wochen davor wurden ja bis zu 60% der vorhandenen Testkapazitäten nicht genutzt (https://www.swr.de/swraktuell/ungenutzte-testkapazitaeten-so-bleiben-viele-infizierte-unerkannt-100.html) – werden natürlich deutlich mehr Infektionen entdeckt. Deswegen haben sich aber nicht mehr Personen als vorher angesteckt, sondern die erhöhte absolute Anzahl an gefundenen Infektionen spiegelt nur die Ausweitung der Tests wider.

Deswegen ist es absolut irreführend, wenn das RKI hier von einem „gestiegenen R“ spricht. In Wirklichkeit spiegelt das gestiegene R nur die Ausweitung der Tests wieder.

Frappierender Weise ist das dem RKI durchaus bewusst. So schreiben die Autoren des Fachartikels zum Nowcasting-Modell vom RKI, auf dem die Schätzung des R beruht, in ihrem Fachartikel im Epidemiologischen Bulletin (https://edoc.rki.de/bitstream/handle/176904/6650/17_2020_2.Artikel.pdf?sequence=1&isAllowed=y):

„Ein weiterer Aspekt ist aber auch, dass in Deutschland die Testkapazitäten deutlich er­höht worden sind und durch stärkeres Testen ein insgesamt größerer Teil der Infektionen sichtbar wird. Dieser strukturelle Effekt und der dadurch be­dingte Anstieg der Meldezahlen, kann dazu führen, dass der aktuelle R-Wert das reale Geschehen etwas überschätzt.“ (Das Wort „etwas“ ist hier allerdings etwas untertrieben!).

Es ist ein echter Skandal, dass das RKI nach wie vor bei der Schätzung der Reproduktionszahl R den Faktor der Testanzahl nicht berücksichtigt. Denn dann würde man nicht nur sehen, dass das R in Wirklichkeit im März kaum gestiegen ist, sondern auch, dass das R aktuell in Wirklichkeit weiter sinkt.

Meiner Meinung nach müsste man diese Punkte so breit wie möglich und sobald wie möglich in die Öffentlichkeit tragen. Deswegen wäre meine Bitte an Sie, dass Sie all Ihre Kontakte nutzen, um das in den Medien richtigzustellen. Ich habe bereits all meinen Medienkontakten entsprechend geschrieben.
Herzliche Grüße
Christof Kuhbandner
Prof. Christof Kuhbandner, Inhaber des Lehrstuhls für Pädagogische Psychologie VI. der Uni Regensburg,



lockdown for thee not for me




alternate news and video sites
Afreeca.tv, Ok.ru, ploud.jp, Twitch and Picarto






judy mikovitz

Population of California 37,253,956. Deaths from "CV19" 2379. Percentage: 0.006385898990163622 2017 deaths from respiratory disease: 13,881


Dr. Judy interview w Valutainment was banned from YT

ignorant scientists prove what everyone knows already, Corona is a family of swiftly mutating viruses

Well... besides the fact that different places have had different outcomes, meaning that a one size fits all strategy is inappropriate... besides this fact, the data is in from NY. The overwhelming number of infected patients arriving in hospitals WERE staying home, meaning that the tactic came too late and is useless. If you remember, your Mayor encouraged everyone on international TV to mingle as the situation in China and Europe exploded. The nursing home scandal... where infected people were deliberately put into these places causing a huge percentage of the deaths... truly brilliant. Doctors have come forward and stated that early intubation has killed people. Useless drug cocktails containing immunosuppressants have killed them. Over sedation of intubated patients killed them. Waiting too long to treat them with HCQ, zinc and zithromax, or other known effective approaches killed them. Most deaths have been of people near the end of their lives for one reason or another. Most of the infected either do not experience symptoms, or go through a flu-like cycle. Children are the least affected. Corona viruses mutate very quickly, so a vaccine will not be effective. There are treatments and there are lifestyle changes to suggest. But that is besides the point. There is much more at stake here than a stroll. Have you considered... the millions of people starving in third world countries because we have cut supply chains? I have friends in Africa and India that inform me the situation is truly desperate (Children need food in the first world too BTW). All the women beaten, some of them to death by their partners they are shut in with? All the mentally unstable people who have committed suicide from isolation provoked depression, or as they watched their life savings and prospects evaporate? All the people who have died because their treatments were cancelled in lieu of CV19? And we who are critical of these useless and equally harmful measures... we are the heartless ones?! What about all the millions of shortened lives guaranteed by looming decades of poverty? What about all the lowered immune systems hampered by lack of light, air and contact with nature? What about the lowered immune response from being preyed on by the panic vampires in the press and the government? ... from not knowing how they will be able to survive, pay for their pensions, care for their children and elderly??! Want to see an over-challenged health system? Just wait when all that hits the fan. The real scandal here is WHY THE HEALTH SYSTEM WAS NOT READY, when our top epidemiologists have been warning us for at least 20 years that a pandemic was coming, AND, when mountains of cash have been sucked into its gluttonous maw. Civil liberties were paid for in rivers of blood. They are essential. NOT YOU, NOR ANYONE ELSE has the right to imprison me in my home, or eradicate my livelihood, force me away from my friends, family and loved ones. My right to choose the risk. Mass quarantines for healthy people is unlawful. Period.

I AM paying attention, very much so. Scientific studies. Pathology reports. Virology. Listening to doctors, nurses and researchers, listening to politicians and economists. Looking at the news from as many countries as I can manage… In FOUR DIFFERENT LANGUAGES no less. You? Were you aware that the virus was free and running around the planet for nearly 3 months before anyone thought to lockdown? At LEAST 600 thousand people from Wuhan China flew into LA, and many thousands more into SF. Did you know that some Chinese set up in the main square of Milan in an "antiracist" campaign and filmed themselves hugging strangers, even as the crisis was blazing? MILLIONS of flights and packages and food delivered EVERYWHERE, BILLIONS of people kissing and hugging and spitting, and sneezing and coughing and sweating with a 14 to 20 day incubation period and YOU THINK THIS VIRUS CAN STILL BE CONTAINED? Are you aware that virology has firmly established that airborne corona can hang in the air for hours, spread up to 27 METERS from the infected and are still operable on surfaces for days? TWO meters Sowhat Distancing?! wtf. SOOO… then the harebrained strategy to confine everyone INDOORS where viral loads build up to infection levels… WOW! BRILLIANT! AND, just as an added punch… send everyone to touch goods and stand single file in a perfect infection corridor in shopping centers. GENIUS!

And after all that viral spreading around, making sure that whoever could get sick would, and distilling terror into the population of the whole world, you order us to wear masks…  WHEN YOU TOLD US THEY WERE OF NO USE just a week ago! BUT just.. Get lost. Really. Our leaders are petulant, clueless children. 
We were supposed to spare the infirm and elderly, who have all either gotten sick or died regardless. We were supposed to spare the medical system, which for the most part has been incredibly underwhelmed. Frankly, at this point keeping everyone on house arrest is not only ridiculous, but in many ways lethally dangerous. Looking forwards to a world wide famine? I suppose so.

millions of people die every year. It is a terrible tragedy, but that is part of life. You don't quarantine healthy people, you shelter the old, the already ill and infirm. The medical system is charged with the task of finding treatments and cures. We, are supposed to carry on, to assure the future basis of life for the recovered and the young, not flee like cowards. Immune systems are built through the contact with antigens. That is indeed the meaning of "mature immune system". It is ignorant and indeed deadly to keep the population isolated, because we shield each other by trading the genetic code of germs, creating a barrier of the immune.

Everywhere the mortality rate is proving to be at or lower than 1 percent of the population. There are however other infectious diseases which kill similar amounts of people every year, TB for example, for which we do not place people under mass house arrest, which has caused deaths through the cancellation of elective surgery, untreated heart disease and other neglected conditions, not to mention the suicides, the deaths from rising drug abuse, the deaths from domestic violence. Poverty and anxiety kill as well. Over half of the official deaths were in nursing homes, demonstrating that the lockdown did nothing to protect the most vulnerable. Doctors everywhere have complained that many deaths where CV was present were reported as caused by CV. That is fraud. The science on immunity and viral spread has been clear for a decade. Viral loads concentrate indoors where infections are more likely. Sunlight is the best disinfectant. Vit D and exercise are important immune system support. 




Fascism in the US

Dr Mohammad Iqbal Adil Consultant Surgeon NHS, Uk: RT-PCR tests do not verify CV19, because CV19 was never identified. Filtration procedures were never done. Lung secretions from lung cancer/flu and stress related breathing problems exhibit the same exomes. Put millions, literally billions of people into a state of panic and you will produce the conditions for these rna sequences. Agglomerate the deaths from all of these normally occurring diseases and the inflated numbers look like catastrophy. Stop this nonsense people, this is not about a disease.


fact sheet 

WHO lauds Sweden




CV19 is code for Corona viruses from 2019. Covid just means a generic Corona virus. The CV family has a particularly quick mutation cycle, rendering vaccines useless. Researchers have never identified a particular strain. Isolating a virus is an exacting, time consuming process, and in this case, neither Koch nor Rivers protocols were observed. The tests therefore only tell the testers if antibodies to or CV are present. Group immunity is the best way to get protection for our most vulnerable. We need to mingle and get through this now. Interrupting supply chains is causing famine and plunging the world into poverty, a much more lethal condition. Stop the lockdown.

80k dead was projected in Sweden, but they are nowhere near that. Other places have total house arrest, yet they have higher rates of serious infections. Widespread testing efforts in hard hit areas show that a huge percentage of the population was already infected before the lockdown, meaning that lethality is well below 1%, like a severe flu season, not worth shattering society's infrastructure and destroying the basis for survival for millions for years to come. The fear mongering prognostications were way off. Sweden has observed Social Distancing, suggested the closure of certain gathering points and limited gatherings to 50. But they know, that given the rapid mutation cycle of Corona viruses, herd immunity is the best protection, not vaccines. Indoors is where the viral load overwhelms. Being outdoors is safest. SD slows herd immunity, granting the virus time to mutate, meaning that those who have recovered are vulnerable to reinfection by new mutations of the disease. Science has established that airborne viruses can spread up to 27 meters. It is very likely that practically everyone has already had contact with the virus and is either immune or asymptomatic. Walking in the forest, swimming in the sea, jogging and getting on with our lives is what keeps us strong. Want to overwhelm the medical system? Keep everyone indoors, depressed, worried and inactive for a year or two. Stop this nonsense. We are doing more harm than good.









the numbers do not justify the fear of covid19





intubation lowers chances of recovery

WHO says no airborne transmission, later proven wrong. https://www.who.int/news-room/commentari...mendations


Der Virologe Christian Drosten ist in der Corona-Krise zum bekanntesten Wissenschaftler Deutschlands aufgestiegen. Sein Vorgänger an der Charité Berlin war 27 Jahre lang Detlev Krüger. Auch wenn er seinen Kollegen schätzt, hat der Senior professor doch eine eigene Meinung zu Antikörpertests, dem Lockdown und zur Gefährlichkeit des Coronavirus. Virologist Christian Drosten has become Germany's best-known scientist in the corona crisis. His predecessor at the Charité Berlin was Detlev Krüger for 27 years. Even if he appreciates his colleagues, the senior professor has his own opinion about antibody tests, the lockdown and the dangerousness of the corona virus.
Der Virologe Christian Drosten ist in der Corona-Krise zum bekanntesten Wissenschaftler Deutschlands aufgestiegen. Sein Vorgänger an der Charité Berlin war 27 Jahre...


european death rates

Who knew?

The social order is breaking down… stop the lockdown.




fascinating story: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kgnBldI7KPY

Die neuesten Zahlen aus Italien zeigen (S. 12/13), dass von knapp 17,000 positiv getesten Ärzten und Krankenpflegern 60 verstarben. Bei den unter 50-Jährigen ergibt sich daraus eine Covid19-Letalität von unter 0.1%, bei den 50- bis 60-Jährigen von 0.27%, bei den 60- bis 70-Jährigen von 1.4%, und bei den 70- bis 80-Jährigen von 12.6%. Selbst diese Werte dürften noch zu hoch sein, da es sich um Todesfälle mit und nicht unbedingt durch Coronaviren handelt, und da bis zu 80% der Personen asymptomatisch bleiben und einige von ihnen womöglich nicht getestet wurden. Insgesamt stimmen die Werte jedoch mit jenen z.B. aus Südkorea überein und ergeben für die Allgemeinbevölkerung eine Sterblichkeit im Bereich der Influenza.

testing results in Belgium compare to other efforts: https://covid-19.sciensano.be/sites/defa...update.pdf

in austria, more people died from untreated heart disease than CV19  https://academic.oup.com/eurheartj/advan...14/5820829

regardless of media hype, Sweden did not change its policy 

scandal in old age homes in italy

death by starvation is no better than death by virus





Millions were predicted to die… however.
USA tested 4 million… likely 64 million infected. 37 to 67 thousands deaths from flu every year (CDC).
NY tested 639k people (39 percent) 92 percent recovery rate. 0.3 percent chance of dying. 
6.9 percent of population (previous to SD) or lockdown infected. Appx 4 million cases infected. 96 percent of cases recover with no side effects. 0.03 chance of dying from CV19 in calif.  medical system operating at minimum. Quarantine the healthy? Ruin society by sending everyone into poverty? 
this video was removed

Well we are now in the next phase and the numbers are more encouraging than Rafe’s report. 
Lack of vit D is an immune system killer. Keeping people inside makes them weak. The healthy population should confront and develop resistance to the virus.  

NY doctors doing telemedicine note symptoms and prescribe HCQ, Zinc, and Azorithmycine.
Numerous positive results from the HCQ, Zinc and Anthricomycine Treatment. 
HCQ 500ml 2 day
Anthromycine 500ml 1 day

Oxford study, among others suggest many more people are infected, possibly half the population of the affected countries. 

Universal medicine… hmm. And how has that worked out for the europeans? 
I have friends in France and Italy who complain about the miserable conditions and appalling lack of preparedness, considering the enormous cut of the budgetary pie that disappears into it and especially with respect to the inevitable regularity of epidemics.

Agree about panic. resist all attempts in the media to provoke it as well. Harness the fear. Agree. Natural bias, extended immune system. 

The bill for the attempt to ban adversity in our lives has come due. What already-at-risk people might consider after this, is they need to proactively safeguard their health when people care so much about the vulnerable they are wiling to collapse society on their behalf. Indolence makes people weak and easy targets. Our empathy manifests as the indulgent sponsorship of poor choices, welfare, mandatory insurances and publicly funded medicine. Social Justice is not just. It is wanton indiscriminate compassion, indulgence. Justice is earned reward or punishment. 

To Mark
Touching has always been tabu.
there have been movements that attempted to eradicate boundaries through stigmatizing hesitance to surrender as frigidity, cowardice, or snobbery… the hippies were famous for their attempt to get people to de-capitalize sex… the “free love” movement. Not to be open to having one’s boundaries transgressed was “hung up” and “square”. Ironic in the neo-victorian age of #METOO. Sex, like any thing of potential mutual benefit, is given willingly in reciprocation. If not, it is theft. I use this example to outline the need for reasonable bias, for the need to respect the sanctity of one’s own body and the sanctity of the local, communal body, the larger social body within a given geographical boundary or boundaries. The reasonable need to have all these boundaries respected. Membranes: selectively porous.
We need to practice more localism. Autonomous local production and infrastructure. Nature hates a monoculture as much as it hates a vacuum. The global integration of the human ecology will fail, this virus shows us one reason among many.

Collectivism in the east… not sure if that is the reason for the lack of cases. A strong cultural emphasis on primary, stern child-rearing in the family as it concerns hygiene. 
Cultural Nihilism in the West could be a culprit, because from political grouping to social grouping there is no common understanding of social protocol, and these protocols are under constant attack. Traditional culture still survives the assault in the West however, and traditional culture is typically religious and family oriented. 

to Rey
Disagree, humans are not more traumatized than before. Everything exists now. Go to places in the world where the majority lives in misery please. You can see first hand the strenuous, life threatening misery that our ancestors lived through. It cannot be compared to our first-world troubles, which devolve mostly around what offensive word was said.
Personally, I think that people need adversity. If there is none, they invent more.
One way to do that is to care so much, we attempt to compensate for all lack, to even out every inequality. By insisting on helping everyone, we can help no one well.

The lesson here is the proper prudence to test for evidence of a disciplined standard of personal hygiene. Do not attempt to live without bias. Your immune system starts with the admission that contagion exists and will eventually find you or you it. Prepare. Don’t shield yourself too much. That makes weak. Don’t tempt fate. That kills you.
Don’t force yourself to work with or around people you don’t want to share close quarters with. That is the greatest favor you can do them. 

germany’s progress towards fascism




AAPS for HCQ protocol




Hydrochloroquine (Plaquenil)

Dr. Vladmir Zelenko shares with us a preliminary study outlining that out of his 699 patients treated, he has had ZERO deaths, ZERO intubations, and four hospitalizations. 












deaths from respiratory disease in italy


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  Integrative Axis Syllabus Course
Posted by: Madeleine.shen - 08-17-2020, 08:12 AM - Forum: AXIS SYLLABUS EVENTS - No Replies

We invite you to participate in our Axis Syllabus training program -- a ramp towards physical health and well-being! 

Please email us at axis.syllabus.sur@gmail.com

This course is offered in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

If you are curious about the body, its movement and its health, this is an incredible opportunity to develop sensitivity, strength and body intelligence with like-minded people, developing an ecosystem to hold, transmit, exchange and create knowledge.

This 12-week course consists of:

  • Axis Syllabus Workshops
  • Anatomy classes
  • Fitness training
  • Mentoring and Community
[Image: attachment.php?aid=464]   

The course has 3 modules that explore specific Axis Syllabus topics through theory and practice, and investigation of the body in dynamic-perceptive movement.

[Image: heart.png]  Kinetic energy  -- How does the body manage energy and forces? How does the body in movement relate to gravity?

[Image: heart.png] 2) Liberty and Limits  -- What are the joint parameters in the human body and how can we become acquainted with our own? How does an embodied knowledge of these limits give us freedom and agency of choice over our movement and risk-taking?

[Image: heart.png] Tone  -- What are the different tissues in the body and their textures and tones? What does it mean to consider the tone of your body in a local area vs. the whole thing?

[Image: attachment.php?aid=465]   

[Image: attachment.php?aid=466]   

[Image: attachment.php?aid=468]   

[Image: attachment.php?aid=467]

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  Managing inertia
Posted by: Manuela Martella - 05-24-2020, 12:43 PM - Forum: Comparisons - Weight, Volume, Length - No Replies

Some thoughts about different bodies, thus different variable, when managing inertia. Feel free to share yours.

"Inertia is the resistance an object has to change in its state of motion or stasis." (relative motion, relative stasis) I recommend reading the very interesting exchange between Frey and Jari in the forum chapter "simple definitions"

What increases resistance:
(what I could gather from the AS book and the forum)

- more mass  (weight, heavy/light, heavier/lighter)
- more speed  (fast, faster)
- more stillness  (slow, slower)
- more length  (dimension, volume)  
- more liquidity  (lower tone)
- more rigidity  (higher town)
- more friction (surfaces, air, water, materials, clothes, shoes)
- proximity of a force to the fulcrum  (radius, rotational inertia, rotational momentum)

Different bodies are characterized by different volumes and masses regarding single body parts. 

- a long light arm 
- a long heavy arm
- a short heavy arm
- a short light arm

Mass and dimension are not necessarily proportional.
Mass and dimension seem to be constant variables. 
Variations and combinations are probably infinite. As well as the proportions between the single body units. 

More liquidity or rigidity can be achieved by engaging more or less muscle unites in isometric muscle contraction or inhibition of contraction. That allows also to bind or unbind body parts into larger or smaller unites. Consequently, increasing or decreasing the dimension, mass and muscular "tone" of the body unite that is moving. 

A long body or body unit will tip over, fall, swing, rotate around a fulcrum and accelerate slower than a short body or body unit. It will also require more force to overcome inertial resistance. However, once it overcomes its initial resistance to stasis and gets going, the longer body or body unit will produce more kinetic energy, even if is has the same mass as a shorter object. Rotational kinetic energy is proportional to the radius. 

Shifting the fulcrum of rotation nearer towards the center of gravity of a body or a body unit, decreases inertial resistance. 

The body is a very complex example, as when we move we have to manage a multitude of combinations of rotational end translational momentum at the same time. 

Gradually accelerating. 
Anticipating deceleration. 
A small force applied for a long time can produce the same change in momentum as a large force applied briefly. 

Lowering the center of gravity can help gaining stability.

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  BAASE in PLACE 2020
Posted by: Nbowart - 05-14-2020, 02:42 AM - Forum: AXIS SYLLABUS EVENTS - Replies (1)


BAASE in PLACE is an online offering to the community of somatic learners who wish to dive into the evolving content of the Axis Syllabus, and develop their self practice while witnessing one another through the virtual medium.

  • This year we will be looking at the Nervous System and the Axis Syllabus, Fascia and Improvisation, and as always we will be dancing.

  • Our list of teachers is Kevin O’Connor, and Ruth Douthwright, Daniel Davis, Kristen Greco, Phoenicia Pettyjohn and Nuria Bowart.

  • This year at BAASE we have added a performance night: June 26th 5-7pm, all participants are invited to submit, 3 min. maximum length

  • Please check Axis Syllabus WEST for more details to come.

  • Please email axissyllabusca@gmail.com with any questions
BAASE in PLACE 2020 Online Schedule:
The structure is a morning session and an early evening session; all PST. Assignments and smaller groups will be created to support the learning as well. We will have an opening circle Monday, an anatomy potluck on Wednesday, and a performance offering on Friday (there is an invitation for all participants to contribute to the performance night, something up to 3min in length, video or live). 

Monday June 22nd
  • 9:30-11am Welcome circle and ALL teacher offering (all)

  • 5-6:30pm Improvising within Constraints (Kevin and Ruth)
Tuesday June 23rd
  • 10-11:30am Improvising with Constraints (Kevin and Ruth)

  • 5-6pm Future Feet (Phoenicia Pettyjohn)
Wednesday June 24th
  • 10-11:30am Improvising with Constraints (Kevin and Ruth)

  • 5-6:30pm Anatomy Potluck (Nuria Bowart)
Thursday June 25th
  • 10-11:30am Improvising with Constraints (Kevin and Ruth)

  • 5-6pm Future Feet (Phoenicia Pettyjohn)
Friday June 26th
  • 10-11:30am Improvising with Constraints (Kevin and Ruth)

  • 5-7pm Performance Salon (all)
Saturday June 27th
  • 10-11:30 Learning Curves: AS and the Nervous System (Kristen and Daniel)

  • 4:30-6pm Learning Curves: AS and the Nervous System(Kristen and Daniel)
Sunday June 28th
  • 10-11:30 Learning Curves: AS and the Nervous System (Kristen and Daniel)

  • 4:30-5:30 Learning Curves: AS and the Nervous System (Kristen and Daniel)

  • 5:30-6:30 Closing circle (all)
Prices are set on a sliding scale for full and partial participation. $250-110.

More Information Here
To Register Here: go to classpass option to select class packages
for questions email axissyllabusca@gmail.com

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Video Axis Syllabus and Dance. May Series.
Posted by: Nbowart - 05-05-2020, 11:09 PM - Forum: AXIS SYLLABUS EVENTS - No Replies

[Image: alt_ratio_16x9_2x_axissyllabusdance.jpg]

  • 4 Fridays in May: 8,15,22,29
  • 10-11:30am San Francisco, 1-2:30 NYC, 19-20:30 Berlin
The focus of this series is moving through our “shell". We will begin by looking at what serves as a “shell”. What are the biological shells, intellectual shells, and environmental shells we rely on? We have and create “shells” to differentiate ourselves: the within, from the without. Our dancing together will be focused on tending to our shells; inquiring, detailing, thickening through the fragility and lightening the load of resistance.

Class will include: study, games, writing, group warming up, improvisations and patterns of movements to play with.

Go here to sign up (deep discount available for those who need it)

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  Stability, flexibility
Posted by: Manuela Martella - 04-23-2020, 11:22 PM - Forum: Tone, Flexibility - No Replies

Strength and flexibility


Closed kinetic chain and resistance exercises for joint stabilization


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  Joint hypermobility
Posted by: Manuela Martella - 04-23-2020, 11:14 PM - Forum: Tone, Flexibility - No Replies

What is joint hypermobility 

Four factors may affect whether or not you have hypermobile joints:
Weak or stretched ligaments – Ligaments are made up of several types of protein fibre, including elastin (which gives stretchiness) and collagen (which gives strength). Small changes in the chemical processes in your body can result in weakened collagen fibres and more elasticity in the ligaments that help to hold the joints together. This is likely to cause hypermobility in many joints. There's fairly strong evidence that hypermobility caused by abnormal collagen can be inherited. If one parent has this type of hypermobility then half of their children are likely to inherit it, though members of the same family may be affected differently.
The shape of your bones – If the socket part of the hip or shoulder joint is particularly shallow, the range of movement in the joint will be greater than usual and there'll also be a greater chance of dislocation. This is likely to affect a single joint or a small number of joints. It isn't a common cause of hypermobility but is likely to be inherited.
Muscle tone – The tone (or stiffness) of your muscles is controlled by your nervous system. The more relaxed your muscles are, the more movement you’ll have in your joints.
Sense of joint movement (proprioception) – Some people find it difficult to sense the position of a joint without being able to see it.

When flexibility becomes a liability: The downside of being super bendy


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  Warm-up and flexibility
Posted by: Manuela Martella - 04-23-2020, 11:11 PM - Forum: Tone, Flexibility - No Replies

Warm-up and flexibility

Normal Static Flexibility
The wealth of research on static flexibility measurements provides a general picture of what is normal static flexibility for most joints and populations. Normal static flexibility is the typical joint movement allowed between two extremes (Fig. 9.4): ankylosis and hypermobility (85,93). Ankylosis is pathological loss of ROM, while hypermobility is excessive ROM. Static flexibility is not a wholebody characteristic but, like fitness, is specific to joints and directions of movement (33,39). People may tend to have low static flexibility in one part of the body and normal or high flexibility in another. It is also clear that females have greater static flexibility than males (33), and some of these differences are related to anthropometric differences (13). Fitness professionals can access data on normal ranges of static flexibility for most joints from several professional sources (4–6,27). Several recent reviews of flexibility have been published (1,23,42, 51,64,59) and provide more information on static flexibility. It is unclear however, whether an “optimal” level of static flexibility for muscle groups or areas of the body exists. If this is the case, it is likely that different sports would require different optimal levels of static flexibility. Future research studies should be designed to focus on determining “normative” static ranges of motion at joints in athletes participating in specific sports, as well as documenting anomalies in athletes and active people who are outside of this normative range. It is too early to make a definitive statement, but it is possible that an athlete or active person whose muscles are too tight is more prone to muscle injuries and that one whose muscles are too loose is more prone to joint injuries as well as decreased performance in strength and power activities. Common deviations from normal static flexibility are present in many joint(s). Some people lose ROM from physical inactivity. People may also lose static flexibility from workplace or sportspecific positions and/or repetitive movements. For example, the repetitive motion in several sports with overhead throwing patterns (baseball, tennis, etc.) without specific stretching intervention (47) can result in glenohumeral internal rotation deficit (GIRD). Persistent wearing of high heels can decrease ankle dorsiflexion ROM (Fig. 9.5).

Warming-up and stretching for improved physical performance and prevention of sports-related injuries.

Competitive and recreational athletes typically perform warm-up and stretching activities to prepare for more strenuous exercise. These preliminary activities are used to enhance physical performance and to prevent sports-related injuries. Warm-up techniques are primarily used to increase body temperature and are classified in 3 major categories: (a) passive warm-up - increases temperature by some external means; (b) general warm-up - increases temperature by nonspecific body movements; and © specific warm-up - increases temperature using similar body parts that will be used in the subsequent, more strenuous activity. The best of these appears to be specific warm-up because this method provides a rehearsal of the activity or event. The intensity and duration of warm-up must be individualised according to the athlete's physical capabilities and in consideration of environmental factors which may alter the temperature response. The majority of the benefits of warm-up are related to temperature-dependent physiological processes. An elevation in body temperature produces an increase in the dissociation of oxygen from haemoglobin and myoglobin, a lowering of the activation energy rates of metabolic chemical reactions, an increase in muscle blood flow, a reduction in muscle viscosity, an increase in the sensitivity of nerve receptors, and an increase in the speed of nervous impulses. Warm-up also appears to reduce the incidence and likelihood of sports-related musculoskeletal injuries. Improving flexibility through stretching is another important preparatory activity that has been advocated to improve physical performance. Maintaining good flexibility also aids in the prevention of injuries to the musculoskeletal system. Flexibility is defined as the range of motion possible around a specific joint or a series of articulations and is usually classified as either static or dynamic. Static flexibility refers to the degree to which a joint can be passively moved to the end-points in the range of motion. Dynamic flexibility refers to the degree which a joint can be moved as a result of a muscle contraction and may therefore not be a good indicator of stiffness or looseness of a joint. There are 3 basic categories of stretching techniques: (a) ballistic--which makes use of repetitive bouncing movements; (b) static--which stretches the muscle to the point of slight muscle discomfort and is held for an extended period; and © proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation - which uses alternating contractions and stretching of the muscles. Each of these stretching methods is based on the neurophysiological phenomenon involving the stretch reflex.(ABSTRACT TRUNCATED AT 400 WORDS).

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