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Full Version: Biological Differences between Men and Women
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Conversation with Joachim on dimorphism/differences among humans

J. citing video I produced commenting on Post Modern philosophy

J. very nicely developed
by the way: how are differences between male and female anatomy and different people (asian etc) reflected in the AS?

F. The data is from the sciences so we wont dispute general observations
Individual variables on generally observed common data must be accounted for by the individual themselves at best, although I make a point of studying as many variations as possible.

Testosterone-slaked muscles and bones and an average larger body mass as opposed to more elasticity and weaker muscles are common. Its commonly agreed that male/female behavior is in part socially constructed, but also biologically influenced.

A previously held posit that all female birth canals were the same size has been dismantled recently.
Although this study still says that women inside of ethnic groups have a common geometry:

NASA has conducted large scale population studies of joint range of motion parameters among different ethnic groups.

You can find other qualified experts who post the normal ROM ranges, but they do not seem to address the ethnic question:

Hip ROM- Study of 120 caucasian subjects

General ROM study on Japanese subjects

Hip ROM on Indian population

Gender oriented Hip injury and flexibility study on college age athletes