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Full Version: Aleks Meuse - Therapist
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The condition of the body is fundamental to your overall wellness. The body is an expression of Nature’s grace, your home, a medium for life deserving of care that is rooted in wisdom and compassion. Massage Therapy is where my love of movement, meditation, and health come together. Body, mind and spirit. My treatments are an integration of modern science and ancient tradition, adapted to your unique needs. I work with all layers, especially the nervous system and connective tissue, using a synergy of techniques, including: breath work, craniosacral, joint and fascial release, general swedish, deep tissue, trigger point, stretching, acupressure, meridian and chi therapy. I assist your release of excessive tension, restrictions and moving back into balanced alignment. Emphasizing your empowerment through embodied understanding, I facilitate preventative healthcare management. Coming together to inspire a return to your natural inherent state of health through physical harmony.
Aleks Meuse RMT